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Marketing Specialist


1. Design and execute marketing campaigns and initiatives.

2. Conduct online survey research on existing customers.

3. Analyze customer data to report and recommend strategies for customer segmentation, customer lifetime value, and customer retention.

4. Participate in quarterly and annual marketing strategy, planing, and budgeting and actively provide insign, opinions, and new ideas.

5. Create content that is engaging, interesting, and unique content in both English and Mandarin on social media platforms(such as Facebook, WeChat, Instagram, Little Red Book, Tiktok, etc.).

6. Manage the company's blog and social media platforms to share the latest market situation.

7. Maintain the company's website and SEO.

8. Responsible for video shooting and editing for marketing channels.

9. Communicate with management and all parties involved in the marketing initiatives  


Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in Marketing and has the ability to read, write and speak Mandarin Chinese


Company Info: I REALTY GLOBAL INC., d/b/a Cups Realty

Address: 611 Reyes Dr., Walnut, CA 91789


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